Google has announced the global rollout of its free AdWords Campaign Experiments (ACE) tool.

Jason Shafton of the Inside AdWords team said the feature is designed to reduce the "guesswork and potential risk" involved in making changes to pay per click marketing campaigns.

ACE allows users to test the impact of changes to keywords, bids, placements and ad groups while screening out fluctuations in demand or rivals' promotional activity that can "complicate traditional before-and-after measurement approaches", he added.

Mr Shafton said the tool could be particularly handy for marketers who want to see the effect of adding or pausing new keywords on their clickthrough rate, costs and conversions.

It can also be used to forecast the impact of raising or lowering bids on keywords that account for a "significant fraction" of purchases.

Alternatively, ACE can help users to compare the performance of a new landing page against an existing one.

Earlier this year, Google's Helen Schindler said companies testing the beta version of the tool in the US reported it had made them more confident about the impact of changes to their campaigns.

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