Online Public Relations - Tips and TricksRecently, we mentioned Pitchengine as a press release submission service which permits the inclusion of multimedia, which in this day and age is sort of essential if you want to stand out from the crowd in an editor or journalists’s inbox. Now Pitchengine have teamed with Zog to show how mashing traditional marketing and new technology together can give you an edge far beyond just a little SEO or a photo in your press release.

It has long been a bug bear of mine that far too many internet marketing companies or agencies were only focussing on one or two options for clients e.g. SEO and PPC, whereas the reality is that, just as in the offline world, you need to get into ALL the places your audience hang out for the best chances to be heard.

However, some have managed to misinterpret that need to be heard within social media by posting exactly the same thing to every single channel – Twitter, blogs, social bookmarks, FB, Linkedin etc, failing to realise that a switched on potential customer may be on all of these channels and doesn’t want to see the same thing replicated over and over again. This frequently occurs on LinkedIn groups and Twitter and once you have seen the same post in four, ten or sometimes 20 groups or hashtags, you begin to wish they’d realise how this appears.

Pitchengine seem to have grasped this ‘nettle’ about the compromise between being heard and not drowning people with your noise, and applied it to the online press release scenario. It will be interesting to see what results agencies in particular begin to see for their clients from this ‘smart release’ service.

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