Google has highlighted the success of its Sitelinks feature for paid search, claiming more than 100,000 brands have used it in their campaigns.

Writing on the Inside AdWords blog, Nathania Lozada said the tool, which allows advertisers to include up to four URLs for different parts of their website within their pay per click marketing, is a great way to give potential customers "a variety of paths to take based on their interests".

She added that companies including one-line Sitelinks in their ads have seen clickthrough rates increase by more than ten per cent, while those insert two-line Sitelinks have achieved bumps of over 30 per cent.

Launching the feature back in November, Google said it would give advertisers the opportunity to create richer marketing messages that improve the value of their brand terms.

Sitelinks would also allow them to highlight specific information on their site, such as special offers, their most popular products, store locations or seasonal promotions.

In June, Google made Sitelinks available for all AdWord ads, including those in non-branded campaigns.

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