Facebook is set to roll to roll out new video metrics it has confirmed.

The social media giant discussed how the new metrics will allow social media marketing professionals to analysis more detailed view counts, audience retention and other new features on its Facebook for business blog.

The new metrics will feature in Page Insights and Ads Reporting and will expand on the current service which is limited to measuring how many people actually started to watching the video.

However, with the new feature viewers will also be able to see more detailed view counts. This will feature the number of video views in addition to the number of individuals who watched a video. By ‘a video view’, Facebook is referring to a view longer than three seconds. If a person actually clicks on the video, it will be classed as ‘clicks to play video’.

Image courtesy of Facebook news blog

Other new features include audience retention and demographics. Facebook can provide information on the level of interest in a video. this provides information on the interest in certain parts of the video, so you can see if viewers are replaying a certain section and also includes a breakdown of the percentage it retained a user’s attention. For example 25%, 50% all the way through to 100%.

The demographic feature gives a breakdown of viewers age, gender, location and other such information.

The new features are set to roll out over the next few weeks and will be available for all paid and organic videos loaded onto Facebook Pages.

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