And the winner is… position 2. Odd as it may seem, research from Blue Nile has revealed that search results using rich media such as snippets and star reviews outperform standard links, even those in position 1.

Blue Nile’s results show that 8 out of 10 high volume keywords now have rich media in their search results.

Blue Nile’s target site received 61% of clicks when enhanced with rich media in position 2 compared to 48% of clicks from a non-rich media result in position 1.

Blue Nile resultsThe reason for this shift is that, as humans, we are pre-programmed to respond to appealing visual elements. These are more attractive to us than words alone. According to Blue Nile, this means that advertisers now need to consider their ad text as a “virtual billboard of rich media”.

What’s more, marketers need to expand their thinking beyond position 1. Quick wins for rich-media opportunities include capturing reviews on your site, claiming your local business registration with Google and leveraging markup on your site.

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