Microsoft must challenge accusations of copying made against its online marketing services at Bing.

This is the opinion of Don Reisinger, who noted in an article for eWeek that it is important the company defends itself publically over the issue.

Earlier this week, Google suggested that Microsoft was using its search results to improve the performance of Bing and set up a sting operation in an attempt to prove the allegations.

Search Engine Land reported that Google set up 100 fake searches for words unlikely to be entered online and linked them to particular pages.

Soon after, several of the words showed up on Bing providing the same results.

However, Mr Reisinger said there are several benefits for Microsoft if it denies claims of copying.

"Microsoft's decision to say in no uncertain terms that it didn't steal Google's search results was a smart move," he explained. "But it can't stop there."

Keeping the issue in the spotlight will not only raise Bing's profile, the expert added, it could backfire against Google by making the search engine look like a bully.

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