Firms running pay per click marketing campaigns should consider setting up two almost identical adverts as a way to optimise their strategy.

Anthony Green explained in an article for that by changing one variable, it is possible to establish what elements make up the most successful ad.

He advised those using pay per click services to run only two at a time and see which has the best click-through rate.

The least successful can then be dropped and the advertiser then has an insight into what aspects of the advertisement attract the most responses.

"The higher the click-through rate, the less money you'll pay for ads and the more relevant they'll be to the people searching for you," Mr Green explained.

However, he warned against changing more than one variable at a time because this will negate the point of the exercise as it will be too difficult to establish what facet of the advert attracts clients.

This comes after Matt Swan claimed in an article for Econsultancy that pay per click services providers are increasingly in demand as online marketing becomes more popular.

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