Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg thinks that children 13 years and younger should be allowed access to social networks.  The move is a smart one, according to  SEO experts Queryclick.com who suggest he’s taking a logical stance.

Speaking during the New Schools Venture Fund’s Summit in California, Zuckerberg said he expected education to become more social in the future, in the same way already seen in health, retail and finance sectors.

Zuckerberg is of the opinion that, when it came to education, children had to start learning at a very young age.

This is a bold move for the young entrepreneur, said the SEO experts;

“Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook already have an uneasy relationship with many web users who are concerned about privacy, and his comments could be adding fuel to an already substantial fire.’
‘But we think he’s smart to recognise the potential of catering to younger children on Facebook, they will be the future of the site, and there’s already anecdotal evidence to suggest they are keen to be using it already.”

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