Even with the economic crisis, it is difficult not to be positive when so much ingenuity and innovation is being exhibited in the technology space.

Jeremy Lockhorn’s article at Clickz about the convergence of next generation technology – both over different devices and also how consumers use them – demonstrates just a few of the exciting hacks and developments which are out and about right now, and should inspire a few down in the dumps and staid marketers to start thinking out of the box.

For marketers, what is most important about this article is not necessarily the developments in themselves; rather, the ways in which the viral nature of the internet and digital convergence is allowing word of these products, services, movies etc to spread.

Becoming a YouTube celebrity may seem short-lived, transient and possibly even pointless to some, but it is one of the ways in which (self-made) marketers are catching target audiences in a very secure net on very, very low budgets. Making it a keepnet may seem to require rather more imagination, and possibly a higher marketing budget, but for some companies, the success of an advert that has made it big on Youtube has more than paid the ad agency in sales of the product, or raising awareness of the brand.

As devices converge to become more than just a mobile, TV, PC, or iPod, then it doesn’t take much marketing imagination to start to see how you can appeal to specific sectors of your target audience by focussing on the fact that these devices are converging. Let’s face it – it is no longer any good to just have a print copy of your price list.

If you want to find your potential customers, you must communicate with them in the ways that they choose. And by keeping abreast of technological developments, and adding a few imaginative ‘spices’ to your marketing mix, you can.

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