E-Consultancy has produced a very interesting report on innovative marketing techniques and technologies.

We have already reported previously on the fact that many advertisers are moving their budgets for 2009 to online media, and this report highlights some of the ways in which brands large and small are using innovation to drive consumer experience and sales.

From the KnickerPicker application, with uses real models to show how a particular item of lingerie may look on you or your better half, through to new ad skins which wrap around videos to get the ads in front of the potential customer without destroying the user experience.

There are many such examples, and not all require the development of an expensive app or a huge budget. Some of the ideas shown in the report simply require a little imagination. For instance, Innocent’s BigKnit, which ends tomorrow, has people all over the country knitting hats for Smoothie bottles. This seems to have taken off, with people who have never picked up a pair of needles getting involved. The cost to Innocent has been minimal, but the viral impact of it has been impressive.

So, innovation in marketing requires imagination and thinking out of the box more than a fat wallet!

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