In the current Internet marketing climate, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter might be the platforms most popular for marketing.

However it’s important not to ignore the power of YouTube adverts.

Just as with social media marketing, there are a number of rules to follow when creating YouTube content that you want to be worth sharing, according to an article published by Search Engine Watch.

Rather than relying on luck to take your video ‘viral’, the video must ‘provide intrinsic value to your viewers,’ states New York Times bestselling author, Guy Kawasaki.

Kawasaki states that there are four forms that this intrinsic value can take, as he explains:

  • Inspiration – ‘YouTube has brought to light thousands of inspiring stories of courage and bravery.’
  • Entertainment – ‘Some videos are plain-and-simple guffawingly funny.’
  • Enlightenment – ‘These are documentaries similar to what you’d see on PBS or the Discovery Channel.’
  • Education – ‘Educational videos show how to do things and use products.’

Ideally the ad needs to generate a buzz, talk and referrals – views alone aren’t enough.

These types of adverts can be hugely successful, as proved by a recent educational YouTube advert.

‘The Google+ project: A quick look’ advert, explaining the ins and outs of Google’s latest social networking venture, has been shared 147,262 times according to the Mashable Global Ads Chart.

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