Google has explained that recent problems with Google AdWords Express were caused by a technical issue.

The search giant contacted Search Engine Watch after an article about a potential flaw in the service.

The tool, originally released in late July, is aimed at those business owners without the time or knowledge to operate the fuller version, Google AdWords.

Search Engine Watch reported that users had started to experience problems with AdWords Express.

It reported that the blended search results produced by Google, which also bring in results from Google Places, were not working with adverts produced in AdWords Express. The problem was, that those running an advert in Express found just their advert was displayed, rather than the advert along with their site’s organic listing – a problem which effectively punished organic listings.

However, Google moved quickly to reassure advertisers that this was not in fact the case.

A spokeswoman for the company contacted SEW to explain the crux of issue was based on an acute problem, and the timing of it had been an “unfortunate coincidence”.

SEW has updated their original story to reflect Google’s explanation – stating that Google AdWords Express actually has no effect on free, organic business listings at all.

Google was keen to stress that paid-for adverts in its search engine were in no way linked to organic listings – adding that, in the case cited by SEW, the AdWords Express system had only caused a problem due to a glitch, and not an oversight.

In one user’s case, the problem was specific to their account. Google explained the problem was acute and had now been completely fixed.

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