Combining the potential of PPC marketing with social media has become extremely popular. However Kevin Lee, writing for ClickZ, has pointed out that marketers shouldn’t be so quick to allocate large chunks of their PPC search budgets to improve social PPC.

Lee has provided several reasons why PPC search is more effective than social PPC advertising; here are just three in a summarized form:

  • ‘Social media fatigue’Lee cites recent research released by Gartner that has shown something of a ‘social media fatigue’ within certain user sections. 31 per cent of younger users intimated that they were becoming bored with social networking – these are the users generally considered to be more brand-conscious. As PPC advertising within social media generally picks suitable targets based on profile information, the likelihood of your advert being displayed more frequently increases – usually resulting in poor click through rate. Search engines, however, don’t experience such ‘fatigue’ according to Lee, and are therefore a more worthwhile investment.
  • Facebook ‘Likes’ aren’t an accurate metric ‘Likes’ don’t indicate much to a marketer in the long-term. In fact, ‘Likes’ don’t guarantee anything. They don’t guarantee updates will regularly appear on a user’s feed. If the user’s profile lies dormant, then they aren’t seeing your updates either. This all makes it very difficult to measure reach and overall success.
  • Profiles don’t always tell the truth There are a huge number of fabricated social media profiles out there. If the information on those profiles isn’t accurate, how can marketers really be expected to target their PPC adverts accurately on social media sites? All this results in is adverts being displayed to the wrong audience, which is ultimately just a waste.

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