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San Francisco’s recent Search Engine Strategies event featured a number of experts from the field, including Crispin Sheridan and Rosemary Lising, according to an article published by Search Engine Watch.

In a question and answer session, entitled ‘Global Search Marketing Best Practices Roundtable’, the experts were able to provide a number of useful tips for search marketing on a global level.

Here are just three of those tips provided at that session, as recorded by the SEW:

  • More to localisation than a literal translation – Maura Ginty, when responding to a query about localisation and translation, responded by stating that translations often failed to take into account local terms or context – therefore leaving the process needing much more work. She added that automated translation wasn’t a good way forward and that utilising a vendor made much more sense.
  • Purchase Top Level Domains for protection – While the panel showed general agreement that TLD’s could be extremely costly, Bill Hunt recommended going the extra distance to ensure both legal and brand protection. He said: “If you have any aspiration to go into any market anywhere in the world, if you think you might have an IPO (intellectual property office), if you make over $5million a year, buy top level domains. Someone else is going to.”
  • The way in which audiences consume content is a major factor in localisation – The preferences of users can impact the formatting of content – therefore causing it to vary quite a lot depending on the market. Highlighting’s Japanese site, Sheridan said people in the country preferred more content than Americans did – taking more time to read the material. He added that his own company included content at the bottom of the page to offer greater value to international markets and also to improve optimisation.

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