Today, I have visited somewhere in the region of 150+ websites for a wide variety of reasons. That is a fairly normal number for me and not that far from the number visited by your average surfer on a mission to find information.

It strikes me that there are far too many websites who make no attempt at all to interact with or engage their visitors in communication, beyond providing contact details and leaving it to the potential customer or enquirer to then take action, without knowing what the end result may be.

If, for instance, you are asked to fill out a contact form, it invariably is not going to be directed to the person who needs to deal with your enquiry. It may well be, as seems to be the case far too often, ignored or replied to in a few days or weeks time.

I have only seen a handful of sites today that have Skype online notices, or similar instant messaging CRM tools, to immediately engage with a sales or customer services rep without needing to pick up a phone or send an email.

None of the business sites I have visited have noticeably been running surveys, competitions, or have forums to share your opinions. Some have free information, ebooks, white papers etc but only one that I can see actually harvested my email address to then send me a link to the PDF. This means that the rest of the info I have acquired today has been given for free and with no way that company can follow me up in future to see if the info was useful, to offer me further info or help, to send me details of potentially relevant products, or to ask for feedback.

Can it really be that hard to engage with your visitors? You can spend thousands on SEO and marketing, but if the potential visitor than vanishes without a trace back into the wide blue yonder that is the interweb without leaving you any means of contacting them in future, what use is it?

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