Search engine users could now have even bigger impact on SEO than ever before.

Google has revealed that it will now incorporate the data highlighted when a signed-in user blocks a site into Panda Updates, according to an article published by Search Engine Watch.

The information will be used in the quality control process – with sites of a higher quality being highlighted.

When signed in to Google, users will be able to see text under the majority of search result URLs – reading ‘block all results’.

For sites that aren’t of a particularly good standard, users can now block the site from appearing – though this can quite easily be undone for sites that have been accidentally blocked.

All of this can then subsequently be managed from a simple dashboard listing.

This feature has been available in the US since March, but now Google has released Panda globally, the blocked site data is set to become a significant ranking signal.

Google has announced that ‘they may experiment’ with non-US blocked sites data as a ranking signal in the future.

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