Following on from a slew of announcements about Google+ additions, the latest is that the +1 and personal recommendations are to be added to ads on the Google Display network.

Google appear to be throwing pretty much everything behind Google+ and +1s and anyone serious about maximising the return in investment from internet marketing needs to grasp just what the proposed level of integration can mean for even a small company with a small budget. Whilst some features of Google’s repertoire have vanished eg Huddle, far more are being integrated into Google+ features and the +1 theory.

There may seem to be issues with G+, its adoption, the competition etc, but there is little doubt that Google are working to a strategy to harness the power of all the different applications and services into one. After all, we all now the power of the network is the square of the number of members, and Google has both consumers and number of apps to count as members, giving a 3D effect when it comes to ‘power’.

Google’s Adwords blog post shows the following screenshot of how the +1 will appear.

The fact that a +1 for a piece of content reaches across so many different places on Google’s network (G+, search results, search sites, websites, blogs, display ads etc etc) means that you can extend the reach of any single marketing campaign further than could have been dreamed of even a few short years ago.

Should you be adding a +1 button to all of your content? YES! There are many places where Google is doing the work for you, but in all those places where you have control eg your website or blog, you should ensure the +1 button is there for all to click. It also means that you can re-use content across different media, knowing that the clicks will all add together to show your authority, relevance and reach. And we all know that Google looks generously upon the creation of such content and the positive reactions to it!

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