Good search engine optimisation practice requires four key qualities, according to Guillaume Bouchard, writing in an article published by Search Engine Watch.

Bouchard defines these four qualities as “the four Ps of SEO” – proactive, persistence, perseverance and patience.

Here is a summarised version of what impact those four Ps have on overall SEO strategy:

Proactive – “Being proactive is fundamental to be a good SEO,” Bouchard states. As SEO is a process that will not deliver results straight away it important to ensure that you plan ahead. The latency period between taking an action and seeing a final result might take a month to take effect. However, it is still important to remain proactive during this period.

In order to add structure, Bouchard recommends employing the use of a calendar to “plan all SEO activities ahead.” Mentioning the further benefits, he adds: “This may also help you see whether you have space for innovation within your tactics.”

Ensuring you remain proactive will make it possible for you to stay “ahead of the curve”. Ultimately this will prevent any reactionary, knee-jerk moves when search engines undergo unexpected changes or updates.

Persistence – SEO may be a niche area, but it is still extremely competitive. Therefore you need to work at contributing to your SEO strategy on a daily basis to improve success levels – if you don’t, as Bouchard states quite starkly, “you’ll simply fail.”

Perseverance – Search engines can be unpredictable. As good as your SEO strategy may well be, you can’t control SERPs. Therefore there is a large potential for this unpredictability to impact on your campaign – both positively and negatively. Bouchard states: “those who persevere in SEO are those who eventually win.”

Patience – The results provided by SEO strategies won’t work to you or your company’s timetable. Business isn’t an area renowned for patience, but because of the lengthy process that it can often take for an SEO strategy to provide results, patience is absolutely vital.

“Want to win in SEO? Create a solid foundation and gradually – patiently – build on it,” Bouchard states.

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