Since implementing Panda over the summer, Google’s search rankings have changed somewhat – with a number of well-known brands seeing their rank fall significantly due to the algorithm changes.

However, Erez Barak, writing for Search Engine Watch, has recommended that efforts should be focused on the elements of SEO that will not change – regardless of any changes made by search engines.

Barak lists that there are “eight durable SEO elements”; a list from which we have chosen three points and summarised below:

Basic On-Page SEO Rules – Google Webmaster’s SEO Guide has a number of basic SEO keyword rules – following these makes it easier for Google’s bots to crawl content and will result in increasingly better results.

The basics, Barak states refer to ensuring your pages are correctly optimised – this means including optimised keywords, Meta tags, URLs, H1s and titles.

“Determine which pages rank for which keywords. Then use the right keyword to double-down your efforts on these pages,” he writes.

Ensure your content is fresh – To remain relevant, it is vitally important to keep content fresh. Relevancy and freshness are huge factors in giving off an air of authority.

If you’re adding new content on a regular basis or indeed updating, it is important to submit your sitemap to Google. This will ensure your site is crawled and fresh content picked up on for ranking.

Keep your site compatible with the newest technology – User experience is a big part of SEO; so ensuring that your site is compatible with the latest updates to for example, web browsers will ensure that you aren’t left lagging behind.

Barak warns that in the future “Google will discount sites that aren’t mobile device-compatible,” providing a stark vision of why it is so important to keep up with the latest developments.

Finishing Barak writes: “verify that your mobile site is indexed by Google and submit a mobile sitemap.”

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