Although Christmas might seem like a while away yet, in PPC marketing terms it really isn’t. Ideally now should be the period in which planning your PPC adverts takes place – in order to capitalise on the huge potential provided by the festive period.

According to Scott Smigler, writing for Practical eCommerce, there are a number of actions that should be part of what he defines as “your PPC ramp-up.”

In a summarised version, here are just two of those aforementioned actions that Smigler has suggested:

Focus attention on the Top Ads in Google AdWords – Recent data has revealed that PPC ads positioned at the top of the page can account for a click through rate up to 25 times higher than those positioned at the side on the SERP (search engine results page).

As a result Smigler recommends indentifying keywords with a level of potential, as well as those that are performing well. Subsequently those keywords should undergo “analytics and conversion testing to maximize conversion rates for their target landing pages.”

With a higher conversion rate you can then afford to make higher bids per click.

Finishing, he points out that undertaking an aggressive bidding strategy could leverage the keywords with a higher conversion rate, as well as the landing pages, to push your advert to the top – enabling your revenue, traffic and most importantly profits to be maximised.

Plan for the unexpected – With the numbers that trawl the Internet in the lead up to the festive period increasing significantly, servers can go down. It is vital – if you’re not to waste your PPC budget – to have a plan as to how to handle your PPC account if the worst does happen, and your site goes down.

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