Social media marketing has seen quite a rise in prominence over the past couple of years. Now sites such as Facebook provide brands with a huge opportunity to promote their message to an audience on a global scale. With an increasing amount of businesses jumping on the social media marketing bandwagon, it is vitally important not to get left behind.

Naturally, as the most popular social media site, developing a presence on Facebook is a good start.

According to an article published by memeburn, there are a number of things that business can implement that will improve their position on the social networking site.

Here are just a few of those items feature in that aforementioned articles:

Use Facebook events to promote landmark events and promotions – This technique provides one of the best ways to interact with your audience – displaying information about your special events in fans news feeds. The level of interest that your initiatives generate can be used to shape and improve future campaigns.

Sponsorship – Sponsorship isn’t to be taken lightly; realistically only those brands with the biggest budgets will be able to implement sponsorship as a viable option. According to memeburn “Facebook allows the sponsorship of Virtual gifts within popular applications.” Taking this step will allow your company to reach a much wider audience – when they share that virtual gift, this will then be translated to an even bigger audience.

Make sure you have a “Like” button on your site – With Facebook people just love to share. By having an option to “like” your website, you open up the business to a much wider target audience – when your site is liked by someone, this information will then be displayed on their wall and the timelines of their friends.

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