You will remember where you heard the news today, as you do Kennedy, Elvis, Lennon, the Shuttle, 9-11, or similar depending on age.

Apple has changed so many of our lives, and one man who led a great team has undoubtedly left a legacy that touches most people on the planet.

One can see now why Apple were hardly going to hit the news stands with a launch this week of a shiny, all-singing, all-dancing new toy, when Steve’s decline was an open secret.

Steve Jobs’ legacy, and the task he has left Apple, is no mean feat in a life of only 56 years. This is not some rags to riches, lucky win, American dream. This was diligence, vision, innovation, hard work and, well, perhaps, a spark of genius, if such exists.

Yes, Steve Jobs was a hard core business man who has left behind a company that is probably the richest on the planet. Not just in dollars or pounds or yen, but in its heritage too. But he also had within him that creativity and determination to deliver above and beyond that which many lose in the daily grind. And we shouldn’t.

His choice of day shows a rock hard spirit that needed to know his job was done, and when it was time to let go of a body that has looked increasingly ravaged over the past months.

Without a doubt, Steve Jobs, however you may feel about Apple, has left his footprints amongst us and whoever you are, you should aspire to be someone similar who can leave a physical remnant or memory of his life spark for others. Steve left his in many hands and on many desks around this planet – few others are likely to have a similar impact in our lifetimes in this sector.

It’s not about the iPhones, iPads, iPods or any other device. It has to be about pursuing that belief that *you* can JFDI. He did.

RIP Steve Jobs.

(Sitting here at my MacMini)

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