The layout implemented on Facebook has typically remained very similar since its inception – without too much drastic change, so it’s been very easy to become accustomed to it.

However, this has all changed following the recent Facebook F8 developer conference – replacing the hugely popular wall feature with the Timeline.

Although currently only available to application developers, the timeline feature is expected to come into effect for all users on the social networking site in the next few weeks.

With this, it is important to ensure that your brand adopts new techniques to utilize in social media marketing. The first thing to do is to adapt your page to the new Timeline feature.

According to an article published by Inside Facebook, there are a couple of steps that you can take towards making your brand page more Timeline friendly.

Here is just one of those aforementioned steps:

Creating a brand-directed timeline –

With its scrapbook-like layout, it is very important to have a large cover image (that acts like a banner) to display at the top of your new Timeline profile – as it’s the first thing users are likely to see when they visit your profile, it can be used as a huge advantage, making your brand’s message very loud and very clear.

Inside Facebook recommend using Photoshop or any other image editor to create a good cover image. The dimension of this cover image should be 840 pixels in width by 310 pixels in height.

Cover images should ideally contain:

The business name and logo

The website URL

An image of your product, workforce or headquarters

Your Facebook page’s URL

Some kind of slogan or tagline

The design of this cover image should realistically cater towards your audience; while eye-catching imagery should play an extremely important role in the overall product of your cover image, as it isn’t possible to display links in the image.

Once completed, the cover can be uploaded to Facebook and by clicking “Change Cover,” you can then change the cover image – which will effectively provide your page with a billboard-like feature to promote your brand or business.

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