Mobile Search - Tips and TricksWe spoke previously about how to make more of mobile marketing, so let’s look at yet more methods which you could be using to get more traffic to your websites, social networking pages, and to your bricks and mortar stores.

QR codes, which we have written about previously, have a mixed press. As they have become more popular, so have the types of QR code and number of readers increased, until there is no standard and this has caused customer confusion. However, judging by the fact that even shopping channels on TV are now adding QR codes, there is still mileage in making information available by a QR code.

You need a smartphone in order to be able to read a QR code, so be aware when using them that you are targeting only those with smartphones. This is a growing percentage of the population though and it is going to become increasingly likely that those without a smartphone are not as inspired by the digital world as those who find them essential.

QR codes can be used in a huge variety of ways and there are some excellent websites which cover news and reviews of QR codes, such as Anise Smith’s QR

Google+ has also made life easy for mobile users from day 1 of the field test, with apps for Android and iPhone, and now additional facilities such as being able to join a Hangout from a mobile. This is a great way to engage with mobile users. For some, it may be the novelty of being able to get involved in something that is outside of their previous experience, but for others the ease of access wherever they find themselves when the Hangout is ongoing may fire the enthusiasm to join in.

Hangouts can have infinite purposes and it is worth considering how you could use the Mobile side of Hangouts to reach out to your own customers.

As with both QR codes and Hangouts, one of the side effects of using such features is that you are upskilling your customer base. Whilst these may seem to be features that at present only early adopters and adept smartphone users may understand, the simplicity of use and the additional benefits you can offer – discounts, one to one interviews, direct feedback to your company, focus groups, special offers, etc – will encourage your audience to try them if you provide sufficient motivation to make the effort.

Let us know how you get on!

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