Search engine optimisation is an extremely popular area in the world of Internet marketing. With its popularity comes a huge number of myths and falsehoods that circulate within the industry.

Writing for Search Engine Watch, Garry Przyklenk has attempted to dispel some of the most prevalent of those myths within SEO.

Here is a summarized version of a few of the best provided by Przyklenk:

Content is King –

According to Przyklenk, this is one of the most prevalent myths within SEO. He states that “while content, site architecture, social media and even technical intricacies” all play an important role in achieving an improved ranking, they aren’t as important as links. With this it is vitally important to strike a good balance between content and links in any search engine optimisation strategy.

Your site can’t be hurt by bad links –

While somewhat true – bad inbound links aren’t going to drastically affect rankings – a large amount of bad links, overwhelming the good ones, will cause a great amount of trouble. To nullify this threat, be proactive – measure inbound links and keep practicing good link building techniques on a regular basis.

Onsite SEO doesn’t factor –

Wrong. Przyklenk points out: “Internal links, title tags, semantic mark-up and clean code are just some of the onsite SEO factors that will contribute to significant improvements and rankings, usability and indexing.”

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