As search engine optimisation as an industry has matured with time, the expectations have increased. While it might originally have been acceptable to provide good rankings – and good rankings alone – now the expectations are considerably higher – with in-house SEO teams expected to provide a combination of SEO services.

According to Bob Tripathi, writing for Search Engine Watch, there are nine characteristics of an in-house SEO.

We’ve taken a couple of the demands featured in Tripathi’s list and summarised them below:

SEO as a Thought Leader –

While many people outside of the industry may not have the knowledge or ability to provide people with a vision of how successful in-house SEO strategy could benefit their business, an in-house SEO, Tripathi states “can open many new opportunities for a business and generate new streams of revenues.”

This role basically involves a search engine optimiser leading the conversation on how SEO can improve a business’ digital marketing strategy.

SEO as a Salesman –

Within SEO you are always selling a number of things – be it ideas, ROI, projections, projects, consultants etc.

For SEO to take precedence within a business, as a optimiser you need to take on the role of a salesman “and build your case as to why SEO is integral to your overall business objectives,” Tripathi states.

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