Not by any means a predictable move, former rapper and current reverend, MC Hammer has announced his plan to launch a new search engine, titled WireDoo, according to an article published by TechRadar.

MC Hammer, real name Stanley Burrell, used San Francisco’s Web 2.0 to make the announcement, stating that WireDoo would offer users a “deeper type of search.”

In an attempt to bring something new to the search engine market, WireDoo will use ‘relationship search’ – bringing up content that is similar to a search term as well as content relevant to it.

Putting forward an example to display how WireDoo would be different to the likes of Bing and Google, Burrell said that if a user searched for a car, WireDoo would, as well as producing an SERP (search engine results page) full of car related results, show mileage, prices and local car dealerships too.

Burrell, speaking about his latest venture, stated: “It’s not an attempt to reinvent search. You can always make things better. We were working on what we could do with data to make it better.”

With the likes of Bing and Google already having such a strong foothold within the search market and popularity as search engine marketing platforms, it remains to be seen how successful WireDoo will be.

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