In PPC marketing, for any campaign to be successful, it is important to ensure that you keep the basics at the front of your mind – as they form the foundations of a good campaign.

Writing for Search Engine Watch, Melissa Mackey has produced a list of what she defines as “the four pillars of a successful PPC campaign.”

Here are just two of those aforementioned “pillars” in a summarised form:

Set Your Goals – If a campaign is to be built on a solid foundation, there will need to be goals – goals that are measurable.

Mackey states that before even logging into AdWords, you should think about the purpose of your campaign – are your selling something? Increasing brand awareness? Generating leads?

Use this to help you define what you aim to eventually accomplish with your campaign:

Ad Copy – As many keywords will be relevant to many advertisers, it is important that you stand out by creating solid ad copy.

To make your ad copy stand out, Mackey recommends including your USP (unique selling point).

In order to coax those seeing your advert into making a possible purchase, you need to make a “call to action.” With this the copy should contain a “Buy Now!” call to action, or something similar.

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