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ClickThrough’s digital marketing experts have created a suite of search technology, SEO tools and PPC tools, to give our clients the edge.

All our search tools have been developed by our in-house team.

Our search tools solve the problems commercial software packages can’t crack.

Our exclusive, proprietary SEO tools, such as MaxRank and SEOLeap, give clients a digital marketing head-start, whilst our AdWords tool, BidCops, was the first free PPC reporting tool in Europe.

Our search tools give clients a competitive advantage that other agencies simply can’t offer.

PPC tools, search technology and more from ClickThrough:


BidCops™ – The PPC Reporting Tool

If you need Google AdWords help, call in the BidCops – Europe’s first free AdWords tool for PPC reporting.

In just 30 seconds, it produces detailed Google AdWords reports, clearly showing which keywords are driving PPC profits, and which are sapping your spend. This kind of in-depth reporting would usually take days to do – but because BidCops works in 30 seconds, you can spend your time improving AdWords conversions, instead of trawling through data.

BidCops looks at 12 important metrics that could help Google AdWords work harder. BidCops shows the amount spent on non-converting keywords, the keywords which are driving conversions, quality score per keyword, and average keyword position. What’s more, each metric is accompanied by clear explanations and best-practice recommendations from our paid search experts.

BidCops is completely free, approved by the Google API team, and hosted on secure, encrypted servers.

Visit the BidCops website to sign up for free today.



ContentVOX is our industry news and blogging platform and a great on-site content marketing solution. Our NCTJ-qualified content writers create timely, well-researched news stories related to your industry, or engaging blogs about the subjects that matter to your site visitors.

These stories are hosted on a dedicated news section of your website, providing a regular supply of unique, relevant content that can boost your search engine rankings, keep visitors engaged and promote your business as an industry authority.

ContentVOX can also post to social media for instant audience engagement on Facebook, Twitter or other platforms – and includes an RSS feed as standard.


Keyword ROI Database™ Technology

The Keyword ROI database is unique to ClickThrough. It provides keyword data at an unparalleled level of quality, tying each keyword to forecasted traffic, potential sales value, average cost per click and other important factors. A vital digital marketing tool, the Keyword ROI database offers insight most agencies can’t match, forcing their key strategic decisions to be built on guesswork. Because we map a robust, well-researched strategy, we don’t gamble with your budget. With Keyword ROI, you can quickly and easily see which keywords will bring the best ROI, and how quickly they’ll bring returns.


TSLB™ Technology

Our unique Target Site Link Building tool (TSLB™) is a software-based link acquisition tool that studies your competitors’ backlinks and targets their link sources. TSLB studies your top competitors and exposes their strategies, providing you with a quick source of relevant links.


MaxRank™ Analysis Technology

ClickThrough have developed an in-house scientific rankings modelling platform called MaxRank. Your Account Management team will use this scientific modelling to drive decisions on your SEO strategy and how it needs to be adapted over time to achieve your KPI’s.

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SEO & Link Reporting Technology

Our in-house SEO reporting software removes any element of human error from our reporting process, so when you receive an update, you can be absolutely certain that the data is accurate. The SEO Dashboard you receive every month has a wealth of information including site rankings, backlink growth, traffic and conversion data – so you can clearly see the progress your site is making.

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