Article marketing is a great way to generate links to your website and grow awareness of your company. It also allows you to show your expertise within your particular field.

Distribution and publication of articles is made easy by an ever-growing number of sites who will publish your articles for free. Many of these cover specific sectors and niches, and can easily be found by searching the Net.

Each article should contain a bio box and a byline – these should include references ie why are you an expert in your field, and how long you have been one, and of course, contact information such as email and most importantly, the URL of your website.

However, once published and out in the open, it can be too easy for someone else to copy your hard work and re-publish it under their own name. This has been happening far too frequently recently with blog posts, and it is irksome, to say the least, when these thieves then put your content on their own site and generate money from Google Adsense ads etc.

It is easy to deal with this once it has happened, but difficult to prevent.

1. You should include in the copy of your article one or two phrases which are likely to be unique to your article This makes it simple then to regularly run checks on those particular phrases on a search engine and track down anyone who may have plagiarised your content.

2. If you publish articles on your own site to provide a resource or archive, there is a great tool that will scan the Internet for similar articles. All you need do is type in the URL on your own site of the article you wish to check for into

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