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An acknowledged expert on digital marketing, Dave was recognised in 2004 by the Chartered Institute of Marketing as one of “50 marketing ‘gurus’ worldwide who have shaped the future of Marketing“. Dave is also author of five best-selling books including Internet Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Practice; and eMarketing eXcellence.

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Are AMP Pages Relevant For You?

A couple of years ago when these launched, the answer would probably have been a resounding ‘no’, since Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) were targeted initially at publishers serving content within Google News to users on smartphones. The aim for Google, as often is the case, was to improve experience for their users, by improving speed…

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Why Aren’t More Businesses Using CRO?

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) should have great appeal across different types of businesses. Transactional ecommerce businesses can increase sales to improve their conversion rates to add to basket or sale by applying AB Testing across different pages in the customer journey, while businesses involved in lead generation can increase lead volume by improving profile capture…

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5 Reasons Why It Pays To Forecast When Investing In Digital Marketing

Digital media have rightly been called ‘the most measurable ever’. Never before has marketing been so measurable or accountable. This gives us a great opportunity to forecast business outcomes from our investments in marketing activities which helps communicate our targets more confidently and gives us and our colleagues more confidence. But this is only the…

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Getting the Right Balance of Paid, Owned and Earned Media

Dr. Dave Chaffey details the need for ‘always on’ media and how to reach users at each stage within the lifecycle marketing model, filling the gaps by using specific SEO, and social media marketing tactics. One of the biggest changes in marketing over the last decade has been how digital marketing has introduced new, low-cost…

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How To Integrate Your Marketing Communications in 2017

Integrating your marketing communications activities in 2017 Given the increase in importance of digital marketing activities to reach and influence our audiences, we have naturally seen the creation of new roles in businesses to manage them because of the specialist skills needed. You can’t manage or control search marketing or marketing automation if you don’t…

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Which Digital Marketing Activities Should We Focus On In 2017?

Dr. Dave Chaffey considers what digital marketing tactics businesses should adopt for 2017, with content marketing once again proving a major focus for the year ahead. Digital marketing has given us many opportunities for communicating digitally with our audiences as this list of more than 100 marketing channels by consultant David Sealey shows. This presents the challenge…

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Is Mobile Marketing Really as Important as we Think it is… Think ‘Multichannel Majority’ not ‘Mobile First’

Dr. Dave Chaffey explains that, while we may live in a mobile world, ignoring ‘traditional’ devices is a costly mistake made by many digital marketers. The multichannel age is upon us. In a sense, the commercial importance of ‘mobile search’ and the popularity of searches on smartphones is ‘old news’. It’s now more than two years since we…

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