Google has confirmed that it has made changes to its autocomplete function to provide users with better options, news that may interest online marketing services providers.

On a posting on the company's official blog, software engineer Bartlomiej Niechwiej explained that the firm has improved the service to offer more predictions when individuals begin typing a query.

Until now, the service was limited by the fact that if a user's phrase is not common, the feature cannot provide a suggestion as it offers responses based on what people have searched for in the past.

But new improvements mean the software can now look at just the last word instead of the whole query and offer a suggestion for that alone.

"The feature can be particularly helpful for long queries, since the query is likely to be more unusual," Mr Niechwiej said.

It has also been reported this week that the firm has begun to test its Instant Preview feature on paid ads as well as organic results, Search Engine Land stated.

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