Since Microsoft began powering all pay per click services on Yahoo!'s search engine on October 27th, analysts have been studying the data to assess the impact the change is having.

One expert looking at the figures is Jason Tabeling of Search Engine Land, who found clickthrough rates (CTRs) dropped dramatically in the days immediately following the merger.

He noted this is not a major surprise, as advertisers began trying out new keywords and match types that they did not have access to when the service was run by Yahoo!.

A change was also seen in the cost per click statistics, but while this quickly returned to per-merger levels, CTRs are still markedly down.

Mr Tabeling suggested one reason for this may be that marketers are less concerned about their CTRs due to the increased volume the merged service offers.

The expert also advised advertisers to remain cautious about the data over the next few months as marketers try experimenting with many new ideas in order to figure out how to get the most out of the merged services.

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