New search engine Blekko has announced a partnership with fellow start-up company DuckDuckGo to offer shared results for certain searches across their domains.

According to a blog post by Blekko's chief executive officer Rich Skrenta, the co-operation will allow both sites to be more effective at tackling spam than if the two companies were to continue competing.

This means people searching for some queries on DuckDuckGo will have their returns provided by Mr Skrenta's organisation.

Currently, the terms Blekko will offer results for are "health, colleges, autos, personal finance, lyrics, recipes and hotels", he said.

In exchange, users of the service will have access to the other site's "zero-click info" feature, which helps searchers find relevant information without following a link.

TechCrunch has reported Blekko recently passed the million search queries a day mark and the publication notes the group "has come up with some highly original ways to keep users coming back", especially praising its search engine optimisation tools.

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