Often, a little imagination is all that is required to showcase your skills and advance up the career ladder to the job of your dreams.

The Internet has given us chances to do things with our lives that some of us could never have imagined. Here is an example of how thinking out of the box a little can bring to you the job, customers, etc that you and your business need.

Watching this may fire you up to consider creating PPC ads for, hmm let’s see……. maybe your dream client who as yet haven’t realised they need you on board to help their marketing strategy….just a suggestion!

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About the author:

A practising internet marketing consultant since 1996, Lindsey Annison helps companies improve their website marketing, online PR and information architecture. Lindsey is also a qualified adult education lecturer and author. As co-founder of the Access to Broadband Campaign, she has been instrumental in the provision of high-speed internet access to rural areas in the UK. Lindsey is also a past winner of Silicon.com's Outstanding Contribution to UK Technology