What content should you be creating in 2009/2010?

Back in the olden days of search engine optimisation, it was all about text. Building websites full of textual content, sending emails full of text, sharing text through bulletin boards, and so on. Most people had dial up modems and images just slowed the connections down to a grinding halt, so text it was.

The term ‘content is king’ became widely known amongst all in the internet marketing industry, and text-heavy web pages, articles, ezines, newsletters led into blogs, forums, ebooks and more. However, in 2009, content is not so much text as visual, real-time, interactive, and you need to be creating content fit for the King in 2009/10.

And that king is broadband.

Whether it is a 30second video clip, a 1 hour webinar with full video content, video and audio chat rooms for customers with archives of previous sessions, slideshows and presentations, podcasts, or any other non-text based information to share with your website visitors and followers, you need to move away from text based content as fast as your user’s internet connections will allow.

Look at the search engines. No longer are the search engine results purely text. There are images, maps, videos, and more. In June 2009, video searches made up 27% of all Google search queries in June 2009. Every which way you look, we are fast moving away from text and discovering what the internet is capable of as connections pass 1ooMbps and approach 1Gbps for the lucky few.

Twitter will go visual any time soon, or an application similar to it, and we already have Youtube as a household word. If you are focusing on text for your content, get out of the box and think about the easiest way to convey messages to your users and website visitors, and start creating exciting, innovative content for your audience.

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