Call Tracking Services

Call tracking shows you when online visitors decided to pick up the phone instead.

Understanding where your sales come from is important. Phone tracking shows leads, enquiries and sales which are generated online, but result in a call to your business.

  • See what keywords are generating your phone calls
  • Separate phone calls generated from different channels
  • Dynamically generated phone numbers give clear insight into conversions
  • Call analytics ensure you’re spending on the right ads and optimising for the right keywords

Modern marketing attribution models require businesses to track which keywords and which ads generated leads and sales. It’s essential for managing a successful SEO or PPC campaign, but traditional tracking software can’t account for customers that click on your site, and then pick up the phone. Call tracking changes all that.

Phone tracking works by assigning a phone number to each site visitor, giving you full, uninterrupted visibility into their journey to conversion. Telephone call tracking technology works in tandem with Google Analytics, allowing you to see how visitors found your website, the keywords they used, and which pages they looked at before, during and after they called.

Our decision to appoint ClickThrough was based on their uncomplicated and transparent attitude to online marketing.

Lance Mercereau, Rosslyn Analytics

With this data, you can see which ads and which keywords are generating calls, identify which ads work and which don’t, and ensure you’re optimising your landing pages for conversions.

It’s easy to install phone tracking on your site. And we’ll even provide one-on-one installation help to ensure you get started without any problems.

Don’t put your sales on hold. Call our phone tracking experts on 0800 088 7486.

PPC call tracking

If you’re paying for clicks which send visitors to your site, it’s unlikely every customer will choose to buy online. Analytics helps show how visitors get to your site, interact with it, and convert: but only when they make a purchase online. PPC call tracking adds an extra element of insight so, even if your customers prefer to call, you can pinpoint exactly how they came to find you.

Phone tracking services from ClickThrough:

  • Phone tracking set up
  • Call tracking testing
  • Phone tracking support
  • Call tracking technology
  • PPC optimisation
  • Conversion enhancement
  • Call tracking management

Pinpointing which channels are generating calls

Our PPC call tracking experts will provide you with a detailed monthly call-to-keyword report, split by paid, organic and direct visitors. It’s clearly laid out, so you can see exactly where traffic is coming from, justify spend, and ensure you’re optimising for the right keywords.

Total visibility of your online traffic

It’s not just about search traffic – because we comprehensively track each and every visitor, you get the full picture of your website’s traffic and performance and how that translates into phone calls.

Simple call attribution using your handset

Our PPC tracking solution provides call scoring, so you can quickly see which channels are generating the best leads. This is done after the customer hangs up, with a score of one to nine, or a sales value, entered into the telephone’s keypad. No additional hardware is required.

Full Google Analytics and AdWords integration

For optimum reporting capabilities, our lead tracking is easy to integrate with Google Analytics and Google AdWords. We also provide one-to-one installation help and support so installation goes smoothly. We can also provide missed call alerts via email, for even more control over your contact with customers.

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