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Google Analytics Consultancy – get trusted advice from certified UK Google Analytics experts.

Need Google Analytics help? Want AdWords advice? Our Google certified experts can help. Our Google Analytics consultancy services offer insight, expertise and experience to help boost your sales online. We’ve got years of experience providing Google Analytics consulting to UK businesses, helping to explain complicated aspects of this important tool while empowering staff to understand difficult data.

  • Learn how to use Google Analytics
  • Tap the knowledge of a certified Google Analytics consultant
  • Get plain English definitions of Google Analytics terminology
  • Understand how to improve your performance using Google Analytics insights
  • Learn how users interact with your website
  • Discover what leads to your sales, and why some potential customers fail to buy
  • Do you know your metrics from your dimensions?

Google Analytics is a digital marketing essential. It lets marketers keep track of a digital marketing campaign, and tailor their strategies accordingly. But its most powerful features are sometimes difficult to grasp.

If you’re not sure how to use Google Analytics, we can help.

We believe in sharing our Google Analytics knowledge with clients to ensure the strategies we develop together work effectively, and give you the freedom to make suggestions for improvements.

Put your data in the driving seat. Contact our Google Analytics consultants today.

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Google Analytics Audit

If you’re already set up with a Google Analytics account but you’re having issues when it comes to implementing the right dashboard for your site, or extracting the exact data you require, we can help you get the most from your Google Analytics account.

With a Google Analytics audit from certified experts, you can rest assured that the integrity of your site’s data is upheld, that all tracking codes and campaign tagging is implemented correctly, and you are left with the most insightful Google Analytics account possible to help you better understand your campaign data and use it to your advantage in the future.

In our comprehensive audit we will conduct checks on the following:

  • Correct use of campaign tagging
  • Any problems that may be preventing you from accurate reporting
  • Correct implementation of tracking codes
  • Correct use of filters
  • Accurate revenue tracking
  • Dashboard setup

Google Analytics Custom Reporting

Do you want quick access to the data you require for your KPIs? With the right help from our Google Analytics consultants, you can easily set up custom reports in your account, from drilling down to what time of day your customers visit most, to monitoring which inbound links are guiding the most valuable traffic to your site.

We can offer you guidance on custom reporting to help you identify and easily report on the most valuable data for your brand.

Measurement Planning

Planning how you’re going to measure a campaign prior to launch is essential in order to measure its success. Working with our Analytics experts, we can ensure end-to-end measurement and ease of reporting for all your campaigns and measurement needs. This promotes full visibility and will help you to see micro conversions, such as newsletter sign ups and downloads.

Tag Management

For effective tracking and analysis purposes, setting up your tag management system correctly is important. It will help you to easily launch new tags, have firm control over current data capture, and allow you to get a clearer picture of the effectiveness of your current campaigns.

How can a Google tag management system benefit you?

  • All your tags in one easy-to-manage place
  • Easily switch off or turn tags on
  • Potentially increase site load speeds
  • No more bothering developers to add or remove tags from your website
  • Less prone to errors occurring from new installs and deployments
  • Puts you in control
  • Keeps your site clean
  • Allows third parties you trust to add and remove tags via Google Tag Manager, saving time

Google Tag Manager opens up easy access to advanced features in Google Analytics. With Google Tag Manager you can easily track all clicks and elements on your website to monitor their performance. If you ever wanted to know how many people click a button, sign in or click links to go off site this is an easy way of doing it.

Want better visibility of user interaction on your website in Google Analytics? Organise your tag management system and eliminate manual processes with the help of Google Tag Manager Fundamentals Certified staff at ClickThrough.

Call Tracking Services

Understanding where your sales come from is important, whether that’s online or offline. Phone tracking shows leads, enquiries and sales which are generated online, but result in a call to your business.

• See what keywords are generating your phone calls
• Separate phone calls generated from different channels
• Dynamically generated phone numbers give clear insight into conversions
• Call analytics ensure you’re spending on the right ads and optimising for the right keywords

Modern marketing attribution models require businesses to track which keywords and which ads generated leads and sales. It’s essential for managing a successful SEO or PPC campaign, but traditional tracking software can’t account for customers that click on your site, and then pick up the phone. Call tracking changes all that.

Phone tracking works by assigning a phone number to each site visitor, giving you full, uninterrupted visibility into their journey to conversion. Telephone call tracking technology works in tandem with Google Analytics, allowing you to see how visitors found your website, the keywords they used, and which pages they looked at before, during and after they called.

With this data, you can see which ads and which keywords are generating calls, identify which ads work and which don’t, and ensure you’re optimising your landing pages for conversions.

It’s easy to install phone tracking on your site. And we’ll even provide one-on-one installation help to ensure you get started. To find out more on call tracking, see our PPC Management page.

Don’t put your sales on hold. Contact our phone tracking experts today.

Alternatively, take a look at our pricing guide for all tag management and Google Analytics consultancy services.

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