A US court has decided that keyword meta tags do not matter, following a decision to learn about search engine optimisation.

In a case between Standard Process Inc and Scott J Banks, where the former accused the latter of trademark infringement, a judge has ruled that keyword meta tags do not influence search results.

In a technology and marketing blog, Eric Goldman noted that although search engine marketing professionals have known for a number of years that keyword meta tags do not have any effect on search engine listings, until now courts have ruled that they can have an effect.

But this ruling breaks new ground, Mr Goldman points out.

"The court … rejects the argument that keyword meta tags create initial interest confusion, in part because keyword meta tags are immaterial," the blogger states.

Until this point it has seemed that lawyers believe keyword meta tags do have an effect on search engine optimisation, Mr Goldman claims. But following the new ruling, they may have to change their arguments.

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