How to Brief a Web Design Agency: Part One

17 Common Mistakes Marketers Make When Briefing Web Development Agencies


When planning a new website, your initial brief to your web development agency is crucial.

Successful websites are built on solid briefs. But getting your brief wrong could lead to a stretched budget, missed deadlines, and a website that won’t support your marketing goals.

That’s why we’ve created our eBook series: How to Brief a Web Design Agency. In these guides, we’ll show you how to create a watertight brief for a conversion-led, SEO-friendly website that delivers on traffic, conversions and ROI.

Start by learning what not to do. Download your FREE eBook today and learn how to avoid the pitfalls that doom web build projects before they start.

  • Learn how to plan for conversion, traffic and SEO improvements
  • Show key stakeholders how your website will deliver great ROI
  • Get expert tips to balance budgets and manage deadlines

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