Rob Stoubos, SEO Manager at ClickThrough, gives a quick introduction to Facebook Per Page Impression Data.


Facebook has introduced page post impression data to all accounts – it was previously only available to pages with +10,000 likes.

The statistics will be available to the page admin, and give information on the number of  ‘impressions’ for a page (how many times it has been viewed – same metric used by display ad and ppc marketers) and also a new ‘feedback’ metric.

This feedback metric is a percentage, dividing the number of likes and comments for each post,  by the number of times that post has been viewed. This is a reasonably good proxy for user interest in a post, and can help you obtain more information on what posts resonate best with your fans.

For example, with one of our clients we could see that the best time to send out status updates were 4.30pm and 8.45am – just before the start, and end, of the working day.

Facebook Now Provides Page Level Impressions and Interaction Rates
Facebook Now Provides Page Level Impressions and Interaction Rates

This new data source also helps you get an idea about what type of Posts are the best. For example, for one of our clients we found that:

  • Competitions had a much greater interaction rate – which supports the strategy for this client to date.
  • Adding ‘hurry’ and deadlines for offers generated additional urgency and encouraged interaction and views.

These new statistics are only available for posts after June 25, 2010. Also, don’t expect to see clicks or video plays – it’s like and comments only.

Analytics continue to add additional insight to social media marketing campaigns, and this new data source from the biggest social platform of them all can only be welcome.

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