How much is Facebook worth? This is something that has puzzled tech watchers for sometime, with lots of projections based on comparing Facebook to other online companies and a fair slice of cynicism.

However, the latest series of private deals suggests that Facebook is now worth a staggering $50bn thanks to a $500m investment from Goldman Sachs and a Russian Investor. So, is this out of kilter with what the rest of the market thinks?

The short answer is no. Facebook stocks have been trading on secondary markets for the last few months at these kind of numbers, although it’s been a climb to get there.

Below is a graphic showing how the valuation of Facebook, as determined by private investments, failed takeover bids and secondary market prices, has changed since 2004. This chart is just a collation of information freely available elsewhere on the web (see the sources below), and is not meant to constitute financial advice – it’s just for fun!

Facebook Valuations Chart
Facebook Valuations Chart

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