Google has unveiled a new feature for its AdWords bid simulator designed to speed up decision making and cut marketing costs.

The new tool allows users of its pay per click services to view bid simulations across all the keywords in a particular ad group at the same time.

This will enable marketers to apply a single cost per click (CPC) bid to all the phrases, which could boost the performance of low-traffic terms.

Nathania Lozada of Inside AdWords said: "You could be surprised to find out that, in some cases, you could have achieved similar or better results had you managed your bids by using a single ad group default Max CPC bid."

However, she added, if an ad group has a few "especially profitable" keywords that convert at higher values, it might be worthwhile managing them individually.

Earlier this week, Google unveiled changes to ValueTrack to AdWords, which allow match type and network parameters to be added to destination URLs.

This should make it easier to monitor clicks for search and content campaigns, the search engine said.

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