Internet marketing services providers may be interested in the news that Google has begun to remove several piracy-related terms from its instant search features.

Several terms, including 'bittorrent' and 'rapidshare' will now no longer show up on the autocomplete function, although users will still be able to view results by hitting enter.

The move has been described by several websites as a form of censorship, while some commentators have suggested that the move was performed at the behest of entertainment companies and will have no impact on piracy.

Devin Coldeway of TechCrunch stated that the new policy is "worthless" and would only serve to damage public trust in a company that is supposed to remain objective, while Search Engine Land's Matt McGee pointed out that the terms are not necessarily illegal and there are many legitimate uses for them.

Elsewhere, Mary Jackson, editor-in-chief of, has stated that the public perception of government anti-piracy efforts is that they are going "too far, too fast".

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