Google has announced that it will move its online marketing into the mobile gaming sector.

The search engine, which deals increasingly in pay-per-click advertising and search marketing, is looking to incorporate its AdWords program into video games.

It is thought that marketing space will be made available to advertisers within web-based games initially, with PC games and consoles to follow.

The announcement was made this week at the Casual Connect game convention in Seattle where it was made very clear by guest speaker and Google ‘games evangelist’ Bernie Stolar that Google did not intend to produce its own gaming titles.

"I’m going to be very clear right now," Mr Stolar said.

"Google is involved in in-game advertising. I’m going to say it one more time, in case there’s any misconceptions here: in-game advertising. This is an area that Google believes will have tremendous growth over the next number of years."

Last week a survey conducted by Forrester Research estimated that by 2012 up to £10.8 billion could be being spent every year on internet marketing, a figure more than double the current rate of £5.1 billion.

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