UK advertising watchdog has received a growing number of complaints relating to internet search marketing, according to the Times.

The newspaper reports that there are increasing concerns over online advertising campaigns.

The Advertising Standards Agency has stated that it is now looking at two complaints about Google, which involve allegedly misleading claims from Sony and Virgin Media campaigns.

One of the recent complaints relates to a Sony UK ad in which a free mp3 player is offered to customers who sign up for a Sony Card, it fails to mention however that a purchase is necessary to qualify.

The other complaint from BSkyB says that Virgin Media should not be allowed to buy keywords including the phrase "satellite TV" because Virgin offers only cable TV services.

Chris Lake, of the Analyst, told the Times: "It would be just about impossible for Google to proactively police the use of branded or trade-market keywords."

Earlier this week the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission alleged that in 2005 Google links were directing searchers to unrelated websites.

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