The ‘next generation’ of Google Analytics is now readily available for use.

Initially rolled out in beta form following an announcement in October, the new tracking tool, called Universal Analytics, is now readily available for all Google Analytics users.

The new version is designed to allow site owners to better track visitors across multiple platforms, including desktop, mobile and tablet. It was initially only available – as a beta version – to Premium customers using the new Measurement Protocol. However, the Analytics team at Google have now confirmed it is now available for all users.

New users have a choice of using ‘Classic Analytics’, or shifting over to Universal Analytics. However, at this time existing accounts are not transitioning to the new platform.

Universal Analytics supports standard website metrics such as visitors, visits and pageviews, as well as previously available features like event tracking and AdWords account linking.

Custom variables are replaced by new features called custom dimensions and custom metrics, which look set to be easier to set up and more customisable, and all-new features are being incorporated, like multi-platform tracking, which will launch soon. The platform also promises to be easier to configure.

The platform does not currently support remarketing or AdSense integration, but these will roll out soon.

Internet marketing professionals looking to make the switch should bear in mind that Universal Analytics will also use a different tracking code to the one used by ‘Classic Analytics’.

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