Google has ‘temporarily’ shut down its real-time search feature, according to reports.

The search giant began providing real-time results two years ago, as the popularity of sites such as Facebook and Twitter saw them quickly become news providers by default.

The feature enabled people to search breaking news quickly, with search weight being given to fresh content.

Twitter feed results were often among the top returns, along with the latest headlines from global news providers such as CNN or the BBC.

However, the service was unexpectedly halted on July 4 as Google sought to make changes to integrate results from its new social network, Google+.

Google says it has only temporarily stopped the service, and has removed it simply to work on integrating Google+ results.

Real-time search has provided new avenues for search engine optimisation as results are entirely based on new content and ‘trends’ – meaning short, sharp and sudden explosions in activity for certain websites linked to highly popular news stories.

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