Search optimisation can be unfair, with hard work and diligence failing to reap the rewards they deserve – but, according to one expert, there is only one way to tackle such "injustices".

Eric Enge of Search Engine Watch said that search engine optimisation (SEO) has become an increasingly complex business guided by complicated algorithms that are "harder and harder to understand".

Therefore, a publisher that understands SEO services better than one with little or no knowledge of harnessing the power of search engines is likely to rank higher, even if their content is of a lower standard.

Furthermore, brands are sometimes left "mystified" by the pages that rank above them, sometimes for no other reason than the query deserves diversity principle that will include a site just because it is different to the others.

The only way around such injustices is for marketers to make a "consistent – and constant – investment" in developing their knowledge of SEO and combining this with the high quality content that genuinely meets the needs of users coming to their site.

According to John Lynch of Search Engine Watch, keyword-rich, well-linked content is the cornerstone of boosting a site’s online profile through optimisation.

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