Increasingly, search campaigns involve a mix of high search volume terms, general phrases and an array of niche terms that have less competition and are more likely to engage users, according to one expert.

Josh Dreller of Search Engine Land said that the key to developing niche terms that are valuable to a pay per click marketing campaign is to test as many keywords as possible – and with a few well chosen modifiers, marketers can turn a list of hundreds of core words into potentially thousands of phrases.

For example, a site dealing in used cars will have this among their keywords. Modified phrases like buy used car, purchase used car, shop for used car will instantly expand this list, as will including brands in phrases like purchase used Ford or purchase used Toyota.

The modifiers used will depend on the product or service being marketed, but there are some other general areas that could generate new search terms – such as including lists of towns, cities and geographic areas.

A recent white paper from Yahoo! Labs concluded that consumers are increasingly searching for highly specific terms online.

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